Friday, 3 June 2016

New Record for Maulden wood...Bird`s-nest Orchid

Sue Raven has found two spikes of Bird`s-nest Orchid in Maulden wood. This appears to be a new record of this plant and a great find. The only other current record is from a wood close to Woburn and recent records from Kings wood Heath and Reach.
 The BNO taken in near dark last night.
It looks like the plant had a flower spike last year also. The plants are quite short...only 15cm/6 inches high but in good condition
This plant can be easily viewed should you wish to visit and is only a foot from the track edge . Sue may well attempt to protect the spikes from deer and accidental trampling today. The record is shown below and the location seen within a 100m square shown in green on a google map by copying the grid reference into "Grab a Grid Reference" that can be found on the Beds. Natural History Societyweb page at
The cursor is not over the plant which is on the  western ride edge.
Sue Raven
2 flower spikes (1 plant?)
on western edge of ride between round house and main ride

Other orchid news. The Fly orchids at hoo bit are up well at the moment but the cool weather has held back the White Helleborines close by...which should be out over the next two weeks.
Man Orchids have done well at Totternhoe and it is worth a visit to the Wildlife Trust Little hills reserve area where they are marked and protected from the sheep as part of the Trusts long term study. (see the Trusts web site for details of the reserves location).
The first Common Spotted- orchids are out and the Twayblades are as trusty as ever. The cool weather might have slowed up the activity of pollinators and it will be interesting to see if seed set is affected in these May flowering species this year.
Happy hunting. Do keep the records coming in on using the Orchid adnoto form on the BNHS website...i feel a second edition of the orchid book coming on!!