Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone who sent in orchid records in 2013, I hope you all had a happy Christmas. 
There are lots of records, and i`m sure Chris has been busy thinking of areas for priority survey for the coming year.
While we will hope to fill in the gaps in distribution and look for species not recorded in 2013, please do send in records  for orchids from any areas you visit, even if you visited and submitted records in 2013; particularly if you made a count. It will be interesting to see how flowering and numbers vary over the two year survey period.

Birdsnest orchid..not recorded 2013

If you have records still to submit, these wet windy days are a good opportunity to dig out the field notebooks and empty them onto the orchid adnoto form on the BNHS web site...all will be gratefully received.
Also do report in any appearance of leaves of orchids..although some bees were up in September it looks like others have has a "lie in" and are only just thinking about coming up! Good luck.