Friday, 1 November 2013

Leaves us in little doubt...

Bee Orchid with 5 growing points October Lower Sundon
 The mild end of summer and early autumn has allowed some orchid development that i have not noticed until into December before.

 The bee orchid leaves shown above must have been growing from September and are already well grown and large specimens. It is worthwhile having a look at any colonies you know of..are the leaves already showing? Will leaves continue to emerge from plants that are still below ground  over the winter?.. do let us know.

The Bedfordshire Lizard orchid prepares for 2014!

 The Lizard orchid, not to be outdone by the bees, has also grown to a handsome size already.

If you find large orchid leaves do make a note and tell us it may well be there are more of them out there..perhaps not getting past the ravages of hungry molluscs and flowering. This one has already been nibbled.
Man Orchid shoot at Totternhoe October

The Totternhoe men are also just begining to show above ground. As are shoots of Burnt orchid at Pegsdon. Fly Orchid on the other hand do not seem to be up yet.

Knowing when leaves are up and vulnerable to grazing or trampling will help in planning the management of these grassland orchids.

As these orchids prepare for next year the Autumn Lady`s Tresses are just finishing seeding. Perhaps the St Jude storm has scattered ALT seed far and wide...we will have to wait six or seven years to find out...the probable time it takes from seed to flowering plant.

Which other species are showing leaves at the moment..please have a look and let us know.

It would seem one life-time is not enough to study these plants...but lets make sure that our leg is at least run as well as we can do when the batton is hopefully handed on in the years to come, i`m sure there will be surprises and many points of interest on the way.

Do keep your records coming in...keep an eye out for leaves in lawns and new places as well as old

Empty those note books of records onto adnoto..we have had a cracking year with much to look forward to for the coming season.

Best wishes to all!