Monday, 9 September 2013

Tresses round up a very good year for orchids

Autumn Lady`s -tresses

What a good year we have had for orchids. There have been over 1300 entries to the Orchid Adnoto system representing many thousand of plants.

Over 120 people have contributed to the survey!
Chris will have the challenge  to deal with this data and highlight the gaps to be checked next year.

There is still time to check your local wood and woodland ride edges for helleborines so do make use of the remaining fine days to get out and about.

We have learnt a good deal about our orchids; not only where they are but also something about their natural history. Man orchids have shed their seeds while the musk orchids are still with green pods that will take a few more weeks to mature...all useful information to know before these chalk grasslands are managed by grazing!

Our final orchid of the late summer is now out. Autumn Lady`s -tresses has just one known site in Bedfordshire now at Pegsdon. Dony records it as rare with pre 1880 records at Thurleigh, Crow hills near Clapham, Pavenham, Exeter wood, and Haynes. It may still be present in these and other areas.

During the drought of 1976 plants were reported to be flowering on a number of uncut grass tennis courts in the Chilterns. Diminuitive and fragile this species is a fitting plant to end the succession of orchids for this year.
Even if you have not got a grass tennis court...cut or is still worthwhile keeping a weather eye for these lovely little spikes.

Good hunting as always!