Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Helleborine how do you do!

Chris has prepared a table of previous records of Broad leaved Helleborine shown below. This should help with any planned searches



Grid Ref
Stockgrove Country Park CWS SP918292 6 June 2007
Kings Wood, Heath and Reach HS 30b. Ride SP92952950 17-Jul-2003
Kings Wood, Heath and Reach E side of ride to W of J-shaped lake. SP93122987 26-Jul-2005
Kings Wood, Heath and Reach E side of ride to W of J-shaped lake. SP93142990 26-Jul-2005
King's Wood, Heath and Reach SP92J 21-Jul-1946
Sandhouse Lane Pit (S) NR SP936298 9-Jun-1999
Home Wood, Potsgrove CWS SP955294 6-Jul-1980
Blackgrove Wood SP9723 27-Jul-1943
Blackgrove Wood SP9723 7-Aug-1945
Blackgrove Wood HS 52 - Rare SP97902362 27-Aug-1950
Bushycommon Wood CWS N side of ride. SP94023038 8-Jun-2004
Palmers Shrubs CWS SP981315 3-May-1980
Washers and Daintry Woods CWS SP995313 25-Aug-1981
Park Wood CWS SP933582 6-Aug-1980
Park Wood CWS SP932583 31-Dec-1980
Harrold Country Park CWS In spinney NW of cafe. SP958567 16-Aug-2003
Harrold Country Park CWS 7m W of pth, just N of visitor seating area SP954567 30-Aug-2004
Forty Acre Woods CWS SP943599 19-Jun-1979
Great Oaks Wood CWS SP965537 31-Dec-1980
Brownage and Louse Acre Woods CWS W of ride and one near track to E (on W of ride). SP965598 16-Jul-2000
Colworth House Side of Colworth House drive. The Swell SP988598 30-May-1995
Felmersham Gravel Pits SSSI SP989583 17-Aug-1986
Felmersham Gravel Pits SSSI SP993588 12-Jun-1988
Felmersham Gravel Pits SSSI SP991584 27-Jul-1991
Felmersham Gravel Pits SSSI SP95Z 18-Aug-1996
Felmersham Gravel Pits SSSI SP990584 31-Jul-2004
Felmersham Gravel Pits SSSI SP99205850 24-Jul-2006
Brownage and Louse Acre Woods CWS W of ride. SP964602 16-Jul-2000
Colworth Thicket CWS SP974612 14-Aug-1981
Colworth Thicket CWS Half-way along clearing, N of ride, on N side of ditch. SP972613 17-Jun-2000
Great Hayes Wood HS 3b - Rare SP96576185 16-Apr-1950
Great Hayes Wood CWS HS 3a. Ride SP96566184 7-Jul-2003
Great Hayes Wood CWS HS 3b. Woodland SP96556166 7-Jul-2003
Halsey Wood CWS SE of track from Halsey Farm, past two bends SP994612 11-Jun-2000
Caddington Local in woods TL01U 1882
Woodside on Mr. Brigg's farm TL01U 1911
Kidney Wood TL0919 8-Aug-1885
Luton Stockwood Park TL01Z 30-Jun-1888
Stockwood Park TL01Z 1888
Fancott Woods and Meadows SSSI Chalton Spinney TL026275 27-Jun-1980
Sundon Local in woods TL02P 1882
Bramingham Wood TL02S 1990
Great Bramingham Local in woods TL02S 1882
Wrest Park Grounds CWS TL09353525 24-May-1989
King's Wood, Houghton Conquest TL04K 1886
Wilstead Wood TL04R 4-Aug-1940
Wilstead Wood HS 34b - Rare TL073426 4-Sep-1950
Haynes TL04V 1886
Eastcotts Hammer Hill TL04W 1881
Wilstead Growing at the bottom of hawthorn hedge dividing arable TL087429 16-Jul-2000
Exeter Wood CWS portion in TL04X TL098443 30-May-1989
Oakley TL05B 1918
Thurleigh Woods, July, P. Rare. TL05P 1798
Thurleigh TL05P 1798
Great Wood, Ravensden TL064555 31-Dec-1981
Riseley TL06G 31-Dec-1994
Riseley TL06L 1875
Shillington Shillington Wood TL13B 31-Aug-1844
Cainhoe Drawing; as spider orchid TL13D 1840
Warden Great Wood TL14B 26-Jul-1864
Warden Great Wood CWS TL110430 30-May-1989
Warden Great Wood CWS TL110432 30-May-1989
Exeter Wood CWS TL100442 27-Apr-1980
Exeter Wood CWS TL100442 30-May-1989
Sheerhatch Wood TL14I 1795
Sheerhatch Wood Sheerhatch TL14I 1798
Sheerhatch Wood Sheerhatch TL14I 1798
Swiss Garden Woodland CWS Woodland and lake edge TL148447 31-Dec-1998
Bedford - Sandy Disused Railway Willington cycleway TL103502 20-Aug-2004
Bedford - Sandy Disused Railway TL10235025 25-Jun-2006
Bedford - Sandy Disused Railway Willington TL103502 10 June 2008
Willington Bridleway. TL10355024 27-Jul-2004
Bushmead Big Wood CWS TL11896027 21-Jun-2002