Friday, 8 August 2014

Autumn Lady`s Tresses!

Richard Revels has recorded the first ALTs from Knocking hoe..nearly a whole month earlier than 2013.
This has been an unusual year for orchid flowering with Helleborines in particular flowering earlier than is thought to be usual.

The list of old records is shown below, as you can see all the records are quite old. However do keep an eye open for this lovely little orchid during August and September on old grassland. I think there could be colonies in old churchyards, old grassland such as Barton and Pegsdon hills and even old grass tennis courts!
This is our last species to look out for in our two year study of the Bedfordshires Wild Orchids. It would be fitting to find another couple of colonies.
Look out for it in short  to medium length grassland. The flowering stems can almost appear over night and it may be that a visit a couple of days or so after a shower may be the most productive...before the rabbits find them.

Who is going to get lucky?

7-Sep-1864 7-Sep-1864 Pavenham SP95X
1882 1882 Luton Near TL02V
1883 1883 Barton Hills TL02Z
1886 1886 Haynes TL04V
1881 1881 Exeter Farm TL04X
1799 1799 Crow Hills TL0353
1798 1798 Thurleigh TL05P
1867 1867 Basmead Manor TL16K