Friday, 28 June 2013

Fragrant summer...

Thank you to everyone who have sent orchid records in on Adnoto. It seems to be a good year for Fragrant Orchids on the Chalk with some decent colonies at Barton Hills.
Common Spotted Orchids are doing well and  there must be even more that can be found.

 Below are some screen shots of Adnoto showing the location of records sent in as of yesterday for Common Spotted Orchid, you can see there are considerable areas with no records..i feel sure there will be plants along unexplored footpaths and trackways. Do get out and have a never know what else you may find!

The North of the county shows records on the road verges around Thurleigh and on the Nature reserve at Felmersham but large areas with no current records..footpaths and river side grassland are all worth a look now.

The South West shows a lot of records on the chalk ridge and at Totternhoe but a big gap around Woburn the M1 and Flitwick

The mid East shows again the concentration on the chalk but a large gap on the Greensand ridge and clay areas.