Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Early Purples..an excellent year so far

After the last request to look for Early -Purple Orchids especially in woods with no recent records we have received records from 17 main locations; four of them in the target woodlands of Chicksands, Flitwick, Salem Thrift and Kempston Woods.
Thanks to everyone who have gone out to have a look.There is still plenty of time to go and see EPO`s.
Potton Wood takes the prize as best EPO wood so far with over one thousand plants recorded by Ian Woiwood ..so far!!

keith found a nicely coloured specimen showing that they do vary in colour.

Do send me a zero record if you have visited any woodlands but failed to find any. Its all good information!

The Beds Green-winged Orchids have done well this year also, but none have been reported from Fancott meadow- an old stronghold for the species.

It looks like flowering of other species will be late this year after the late cold weather and flowering of species normally seen in late May may not be seen until June.

Shoots of Common Spotted, Twayblade, Butterfly, White Helleborine and Fly Orchid have been spotted so there is plenty to look for.

The known colony of Bird`s-nest orchid has been reported to be beneath a pile of logs this year!. This Orchid has no chlorophyll and so relies on its fungus association for its food. It can be difficult to find!
Richards photo may help you spot them.

 Most recent sightings for Bird`s - nest  are King`s wood Heath and Reach (SP92J), Aspley Wood (SP93H),  Dungee Corner ((SP9359) and  Odell Great Wood (SP59); but any ancient wood or wood on or close to the chalk will be worth a look. They can be found in the darkest part of woods with little other ground vegetation and quite a lot of leaf litter.

Good luck